Friday, November 13, 2009

After a few years now, my story is on the top header on Sportsshooter

It only took a few years but I am finally made the top header on Sportsshooter site. This is a feat that I have been looking forward for some time now. Now that its here, I can for sure get used to seeing my name on the top banner. It will last for a day, maybe two on the site but thank goodness for screen grabs. They have a purpose outside of copy right infringement.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My First Game Editting for the Anahiem Ducks

Any photo with the byline by Debora Robinson went through me for editing on Oct 30th 2009. Game was before Halloween, and my first time editing for the Anaheim Ducks official photographer. Captioning under such a deadline is quite intense and my learning curve is improving . After a few games, I am actually learning these hockey players names. I had two games of training and now when called upon, I will be game for some hockey editting. I never knew so many K's and Z's could be utilized in one's name. And simply the game of Hockey is starting to grow on me. I can not even skate one lap around the ring, and to see this venue in person is pretty cool. I really like seeing the ice flying off when a player makes a quick spot, and of course the hits to the wall are intense.

It is not a shooting role but its work none the less. I learned a lot simply being on the scene. With this role, the priority is making the photo processing streamed line. Post production is a lot more manageable with items like Photo Mechanic, pre established set up actions in Photoshop, and simply weeding out excessive time and energy.

I look forward to future game down the road, and especially enjoy the constant cold temperature the ice has to offer. Best part is my comute is just down Katella for a few minutes. I actually timed my trip from car starting to when I entered the media office, 16 minutes. Now that is awesome !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New SSA VI Gallery on My Site

SSA VI was simply a blast, and have no clue why I sat on these images. Since April of this year they sat on a hard drive. Looking over my whole take from Sportsshooter Academy VI brought back many memories and fond times from the workshop.

Hopefully soon I will be able to knock out all the funpixs as well. It was alot easier to make these with a 400mm in hand all week long during SSA VI. One again I would like to thank Nikon for the loaner gear and more important for flipping my bill for attending.

The images created during SSA VI really helped my stock images, especially sports related, and look forward to shooting similar events one day hopefully. The experience was simply priceless.

I am in this month's Sportsshooter Newsletter

This is simply SWEETNESS all the way. I made it the Sportsshooter monthly newsletter. Link above will take you to the article. The original email from Bert earlier last month was a wonderful surprise. Simply asking me to write down my experience this past MLB playoffs here in Southern California. Not to sure how many people care to read about my story this past October however it was fun for sure to use spell check excessively again .

The draft went through several rewrites and there were several points where the screen just became a giant blur. i literally made a point to come back to the piece after a day or two off the keyboard. The Yankees won and I sent it off to Bert after a little more editing. I knew I would never be fully satisfied with the draft. The more I sat with the article, the more change soon made it a point to let it be. Once I hit send, it was a relief and I let it be.

Mondays, are usually a mixture of routine and getting tings inline for the coming week. However to see my name outside of the realm of a funpix caption, on Sportsshooter, is simply amazing. It is a reality I can for become accustomed to for sure and hope others enjoy the story. Thanks again to Reuters for the opportunity to work the recent MLB Playoffs, and to Bert for asking me to contribute to Sportsshooter, the forum I enjoy immensely. I really hope the piece is cohesive article to others. Paragraphs, sentence, and let alone small groups of words, can be a challenge for this photographer.

Lets Go Blue !

Cheers !

Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Triathlon, Big Rock at Lake Perris

I covered my first Triathlon this past Saturday, Nov. 7th 2009. Location was Lake Perris in the Inland Empire, by March AFB off the 215. Photo above was taken before the race start at the swim leg. It was here on the lake shore I really wish I had a water housing but was happy to get a frame before my main priority.

I was contracted for this event and just happy to be shooting again. I have done quite a bit of editing during the MLB playoffs for Reuters here in Southern California and even a game at the Honda Center for a Ducks Hockey game. It was great to put a view finder back in my line of sight versus staring at the glow of a laptop.

Fellow Sportsshooter member Osamu Chiba hired me as an additional photographer for his company Opix that specialized with race coverage. Really cool character and hope to work with his one more.

Osamu's main site:

Osamu's Sportsshooter page:

Objective is simple, clean, sharp images of the racers. Shooting was a lot wider than I was accustomed, however the assignment was a great learning experience. Shooting was all in jpeg so no room for error when exposing. Shooting the swim end was a little tricky but was able to keep detail of the racers faces and not completely blow out the highlights in the back ground.

A few recommendations that I learned from the event. Bring knee pads. Shooting from the floor helps clean odd items like race officials, other racers, tents, and banners. The course landscape is not forgiving and for a few hours I stood up for blood flow to return to my legs. Even if you do not have to utilize the bathroom. Go ! The race is a solid 3-4 hours event and there is not really much of a window to venture of for a break. Pack light, and for the race I used my Mark body with the 70-200 at 2.8 the whole time. My photo back pack was with me the whole time but while running to my second location, I really wish I had brought my bike or simply packed lighter.

Be sure to also pack fluids; water, Gatorade of what suites your preference, it goes a long time out on the race and makes for comfort. It was an over cast morning for the most part however if you are shooting one of these in the middle of summer, prepare for the elements. My take from the race will be coming later and I look forward to share a few frames of the action at the triathlon and cover another one of these races. Really hope I can take advantage of the different aspects of a triathlon race next time I cover one of these races.

It was pretty impressive to see people willingly and happily wake up at 5 and 6 am to race a triathlon at 7am. To see a lady with just one leg race was simply amazing. Even more amazing to see her ahead of others. One of these days I may actually compete. My sister has a few running races under her belt however its the swimming and biking that I would appreciate the most. That last leg dealing with the unfortunately force of gravity does not help my chances of becoming a participating racer.

Cheers !

USC Football Outing

If you care to see more images from my game take.

Saturdays in the Fall is simply my favorite time of year. Usually get to dive in the morning then enjoy from College Football on the tube. However one Saturday early this Fall, I was fortunate to cover the USC opening home football game. The USC Trojans hosted the SJSU Spartans on Sept. 5th 2009, at the Los Angeles Coliseum. It was hot and my first game shooting Division I NCAAF. I have been to the Rose Bowl earlier this year however this time I got to pulled the shutter release. Great experience all around. I was able to see and chat with several familiar faces. I learned a lot from the outing. Got some keepers photos, missed a few frames changing lenses, but do hope to be back on the side lines soon.

If you want to shoot football, here are a few hints I hope improve your results. Position will dedicate your most likely images. Down and yardage helps predict the coming play. Bring knee pads. I never understood why people shoot this sport standing up. The image above would have been pretty weak and lame at I stay even knee level. I am 6,2 and to take advantage of perspective I actually laid down for this image. Just remember to anticipate alot of light in the background for exposure. But if you like to save your energy and stand all game, so be it. I highly recommend getting on to the field level and shoot from floor. If you are shooting with your mono pod all the way extended, that framing leaves a lot of empty wasted space and does not bring the impact of the game into the still image. Shoot low, USC is for one busy back ground. Being on the ground helps eliminate a lot of the busyness at a big game. The hundreds of VIPs on the side lines at a USC game with cell phones, point and shoots, while cheering does not make the shoot easier.

This is a venue where gear does help. I was really lucky enough to get a loaner telephoto. Nothing beats long glass for reach and knock down power. 2.8 at 400mm is nothing like my usual set up of a 70-200 with a TC. I did use the TC when play was way down the field of play. However I made it a point to use the 2.8 option available to me that day.

Many thanks to Wally Skalij (LA Times) for the access and Danny Moloshok (local freelancer) for the loaner lens. This update would have never occurred without their awesome help. Nothing is better than college football on Saturdays, this time of year.

My Biggest Tear Sheet So Far

One of my favorite papers, The Washington Post, let me grace their fire coverage from the Jesusita Fire. My coverage from the two day outing at the Santa Barbara blazed also made it to the following publications:

The Boston Globe
Scientific America
Yahoo News
Rising Tide NA
Body By Bliss Media
Glendale News Press
Macon Daily

This is for sure my biggest node of a tear sheet to date. I look forward to more of course and there are still a few publications I would like to make my mark on down the line. SI, LA Times and NY TIMES and National Geographic are still on my list. Would also like to thank Reuters for making this happen.

Best part, was the timing that I noticed my photo making it to publication on Mother's Day. To share the moment with my mom was pretty sweet and memorable.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I will be in a gallery May 15th - May 17th

May 15th is the opening reception from 4pm till 11pm.
Sat and Sun. from 10am till 4pm.

I will not be there Friday, I am very fortunate that I have a wedding to photograph. However I will be there Saturday with my traditional banana shake . The Gallery Show will be open Sunday as well but my presence is not set in seal just yet. I am really looking forward to this event. I had a imprompt to show at the same location earlier however this one is much more coordinated and I look forward to the reaction and buzz from the showing. It will be in conjunction with two other local gallery showings as well thanks to the Altadena Arts Coalition.

Location: Photography By Walt 2455 Lake Ave Altadena, CA 91001

Directions are Easy: 210 to Lake, and go North (UP) pretty much all the way. Left hand side.

Look for Balloons, they will mark the shops and places part of the Open House Event.

If you are interested in showing, contact Molly Tiernery 763 300 9653

Monday, May 4, 2009

One Colorado: Open Market

This month has simply been a great photo month for me. It has been non stop and I love every night of sleep deprivation. Just recently I was fortunate enough to have a table at the One Colorado Open Market. It was great to see people I have never met, enjoy looking at my images. Great boost and simply makes me want to push more. Objective primary number one is get my website complete and presentable. It is currently under construction but each passing week its getting better.

This last month has just been crazy and a joy. First 6 days working for Reuters at the ISU Ice Skating Championships. What a great experience and I have new fond respect for this sport. After that Sportsshooter Academy VI. I will expand in much more detail in a later post of this awesome experience. I have many funpixs to post and would love to talk about the great Sport workshop around for photographers. is a great forum and hope others enjoy it as much as me.

The Monday after that I was lucky enough to fulfill a childhood dream and cover the 2009 Dodger Opening Home Game. I have never been more than willing to pay $15 to park. It was simply an awesome time and many thanks to Southern California Freelancer Danny Moloshok for the loaner 400mm. Shortly afterward, my spring break supposedly start. It was any thing short of a break. Three days were dedicated to getting my M1 license and then prepping for my Pasaden City College's Visual Art Media Scholarship. Submissions were due this last Friday morning. I look forward to hearing the results this coming Friday. Competition was great and it was great to be in the mix with several photographers I admire greatly. As of now too, I completed processing and contacting all the black and white negatives from my winter cross country road trip titled 7614.5 miles later. Now finally back to the Art Sale hosted by One Colorado this last Sunday.

This is an event I have been hoping to attend for some time now. It just never worked out for me and this last Sunday came out pretty well. I was not able to get out of my work shift but I was able to make a presence still this time around. Got there early, not as early as 5 am as some people but early enough to get a prominent table. Thanks to my buddy Jimbo (Jim Comeau) for filling in for me while I left for my full day shift at the dive shop. Receiving update texts through out the day was up lifting for sure. I have already marked the Oct 4th One Colorado Art Sale show in my calendar. It is a semi annual event that allows for local artist from several medium formats from print, ceramics, designers, and any thing else to come, gather, and hopefully sale. Even really early in the morning, I was able to experience the collective vibe of so many producers. Great mix and I look forward to future experiences. And from the reaction to viewers relayed to I will be able to implement a new approach when Oct 4th comes around.

Items I am currently working on, my independent study developing my site. Its been taxing and intense but I love judging and critiquing of my own work. The representation I wish to set for myself has been a large focus for me and so far I have no interest to simply call my self a photojournalist, a wedding photographer, or any other specific title. I simply enjoy producing images. I have also spent a lot of time with logistical items and more importantly just browsing others site for ideas. I will post more about my site and the nuts and bolts of getting it done.

.. is the url and please be kind. It is really rough but soon it will be a working and complete representation of my images. It has been a great experience to edit and organize my broad range of images and I look forward to its development. Another item I look forward to is a coming wedding shoot on May 15th. Bride is Karla and groom is Aaron at Faulkner Winery. I always enjoy working weddings. I just do. It is a great opportunities to make images people will enjoy for a life time. The pressure and the responsbility to produce a visual memory in one's life is actually a great motivation for me. That same weekend, I will have one spot for a collection of artist local here in Altadena. Lastly for those interested the Eddie Adams Workshop Applications are due soon, May 11th. There is a lot in the mix and I will be breaking it down in manageable pieces shortly.

Cheers !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SSA VI about to start, Sweetness !

Sportsshoooter Academy VI is just about to start tomorrow, Wednesday the 8th of April 2009. I felt this was an appropriate opportunity to finally get back to this way over looked blog of mine.

For more information on this great event here is the link with just about you could want to know about SSA events:

I would like to thank Nikon and more importantly to Bill Pekala and Ron Taniwaki for picking up my tab. I am one grateful student for such an awesome gesture. My SSA VI experience would not be possible with this opportunity. I thank them for a great birthday gift.

It has been way to long since I have posted. Heck my first and only blog was up sitting for just way to long. After my experience on Friday the 24th of October 2008, this blog was the last thing on my routine. A lot has occurred since then, in nearly six months. It amazes me what has occurred. Since then I went on a cross country road trip clocking in 7614.5 miles. This adventure was taken with a buddy and fellow film admirer Keith Lubow. Simply had the time during winter break and went. This has been the beast I have been taming developing over 70 rolls of medium format thanks to a loaner rollei from my buddy Jim Comeau. I will post much more about that trip however on this day before my 25th birthday I wanted to make a vow to make this endeavor much more active and progressive.

And to end this piece, I would like to thank the power of the still image for helping me deal with the item that took more out of me than I ever though would. More importantly would like to thank my buddy Jimbo for making this frame that I have come to cherish more than any thing. It was taken on my last big outing with my beloved German Shepherd, Bullet. It is a simple image enjoying a Saturday off at Leo Carrillo however to me it is everything. 12 years of greatness summed up in one image is great gift and power.

Cheers !

Photo above is by Jim Comeau, great bud and when inspired a great shooter as well.