Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My First Game Editting for the Anahiem Ducks

Any photo with the byline by Debora Robinson went through me for editing on Oct 30th 2009. Game was before Halloween, and my first time editing for the Anaheim Ducks official photographer. Captioning under such a deadline is quite intense and my learning curve is improving . After a few games, I am actually learning these hockey players names. I had two games of training and now when called upon, I will be game for some hockey editting. I never knew so many K's and Z's could be utilized in one's name. And simply the game of Hockey is starting to grow on me. I can not even skate one lap around the ring, and to see this venue in person is pretty cool. I really like seeing the ice flying off when a player makes a quick spot, and of course the hits to the wall are intense.

It is not a shooting role but its work none the less. I learned a lot simply being on the scene. With this role, the priority is making the photo processing streamed line. Post production is a lot more manageable with items like Photo Mechanic, pre established set up actions in Photoshop, and simply weeding out excessive time and energy.

I look forward to future game down the road, and especially enjoy the constant cold temperature the ice has to offer. Best part is my comute is just down Katella for a few minutes. I actually timed my trip from car starting to when I entered the media office, 16 minutes. Now that is awesome !

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