Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you MLB

Photo by Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Well here is me (Rafael Agustin Delgado) wondering when my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers will be back playing in October. I am already counting till Opening Day next spring in April.

I just want to thank MLB for the opportunity to be a runner for the NCLS. The Dodgers may not have been the victor however I learned a lot by simplying being in the middle of everything. It is simply amazing to witness how the wires and staffers handle such an event. Its take logistics and most important a grasp of the basics so that when the time comes, the shot is captured. I will cherish every peanut shell and spilled beer for sure.

Highlights from this experience include hanging out with Lucy Nicholson of Reuters, Danny Moloshok of Reuters as well, Sam Mircovich editor with Reuters, Wally Skalij and Gina Ferazzi of the Los Angeles Times. Being able to meet Robert Beck of Sports Illustrated and watching his assitant Kohjiro set up remotes was quite informative. Also watching USA Today Staffer Robert Hanshiro and Matt Brown do what they do best made this gig simply awesome.