Monday, November 9, 2009

USC Football Outing

If you care to see more images from my game take.

Saturdays in the Fall is simply my favorite time of year. Usually get to dive in the morning then enjoy from College Football on the tube. However one Saturday early this Fall, I was fortunate to cover the USC opening home football game. The USC Trojans hosted the SJSU Spartans on Sept. 5th 2009, at the Los Angeles Coliseum. It was hot and my first game shooting Division I NCAAF. I have been to the Rose Bowl earlier this year however this time I got to pulled the shutter release. Great experience all around. I was able to see and chat with several familiar faces. I learned a lot from the outing. Got some keepers photos, missed a few frames changing lenses, but do hope to be back on the side lines soon.

If you want to shoot football, here are a few hints I hope improve your results. Position will dedicate your most likely images. Down and yardage helps predict the coming play. Bring knee pads. I never understood why people shoot this sport standing up. The image above would have been pretty weak and lame at I stay even knee level. I am 6,2 and to take advantage of perspective I actually laid down for this image. Just remember to anticipate alot of light in the background for exposure. But if you like to save your energy and stand all game, so be it. I highly recommend getting on to the field level and shoot from floor. If you are shooting with your mono pod all the way extended, that framing leaves a lot of empty wasted space and does not bring the impact of the game into the still image. Shoot low, USC is for one busy back ground. Being on the ground helps eliminate a lot of the busyness at a big game. The hundreds of VIPs on the side lines at a USC game with cell phones, point and shoots, while cheering does not make the shoot easier.

This is a venue where gear does help. I was really lucky enough to get a loaner telephoto. Nothing beats long glass for reach and knock down power. 2.8 at 400mm is nothing like my usual set up of a 70-200 with a TC. I did use the TC when play was way down the field of play. However I made it a point to use the 2.8 option available to me that day.

Many thanks to Wally Skalij (LA Times) for the access and Danny Moloshok (local freelancer) for the loaner lens. This update would have never occurred without their awesome help. Nothing is better than college football on Saturdays, this time of year.

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