Monday, May 4, 2009

One Colorado: Open Market

This month has simply been a great photo month for me. It has been non stop and I love every night of sleep deprivation. Just recently I was fortunate enough to have a table at the One Colorado Open Market. It was great to see people I have never met, enjoy looking at my images. Great boost and simply makes me want to push more. Objective primary number one is get my website complete and presentable. It is currently under construction but each passing week its getting better.

This last month has just been crazy and a joy. First 6 days working for Reuters at the ISU Ice Skating Championships. What a great experience and I have new fond respect for this sport. After that Sportsshooter Academy VI. I will expand in much more detail in a later post of this awesome experience. I have many funpixs to post and would love to talk about the great Sport workshop around for photographers. is a great forum and hope others enjoy it as much as me.

The Monday after that I was lucky enough to fulfill a childhood dream and cover the 2009 Dodger Opening Home Game. I have never been more than willing to pay $15 to park. It was simply an awesome time and many thanks to Southern California Freelancer Danny Moloshok for the loaner 400mm. Shortly afterward, my spring break supposedly start. It was any thing short of a break. Three days were dedicated to getting my M1 license and then prepping for my Pasaden City College's Visual Art Media Scholarship. Submissions were due this last Friday morning. I look forward to hearing the results this coming Friday. Competition was great and it was great to be in the mix with several photographers I admire greatly. As of now too, I completed processing and contacting all the black and white negatives from my winter cross country road trip titled 7614.5 miles later. Now finally back to the Art Sale hosted by One Colorado this last Sunday.

This is an event I have been hoping to attend for some time now. It just never worked out for me and this last Sunday came out pretty well. I was not able to get out of my work shift but I was able to make a presence still this time around. Got there early, not as early as 5 am as some people but early enough to get a prominent table. Thanks to my buddy Jimbo (Jim Comeau) for filling in for me while I left for my full day shift at the dive shop. Receiving update texts through out the day was up lifting for sure. I have already marked the Oct 4th One Colorado Art Sale show in my calendar. It is a semi annual event that allows for local artist from several medium formats from print, ceramics, designers, and any thing else to come, gather, and hopefully sale. Even really early in the morning, I was able to experience the collective vibe of so many producers. Great mix and I look forward to future experiences. And from the reaction to viewers relayed to I will be able to implement a new approach when Oct 4th comes around.

Items I am currently working on, my independent study developing my site. Its been taxing and intense but I love judging and critiquing of my own work. The representation I wish to set for myself has been a large focus for me and so far I have no interest to simply call my self a photojournalist, a wedding photographer, or any other specific title. I simply enjoy producing images. I have also spent a lot of time with logistical items and more importantly just browsing others site for ideas. I will post more about my site and the nuts and bolts of getting it done.

.. is the url and please be kind. It is really rough but soon it will be a working and complete representation of my images. It has been a great experience to edit and organize my broad range of images and I look forward to its development. Another item I look forward to is a coming wedding shoot on May 15th. Bride is Karla and groom is Aaron at Faulkner Winery. I always enjoy working weddings. I just do. It is a great opportunities to make images people will enjoy for a life time. The pressure and the responsbility to produce a visual memory in one's life is actually a great motivation for me. That same weekend, I will have one spot for a collection of artist local here in Altadena. Lastly for those interested the Eddie Adams Workshop Applications are due soon, May 11th. There is a lot in the mix and I will be breaking it down in manageable pieces shortly.

Cheers !

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