Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am in this month's Sportsshooter Newsletter


This is simply SWEETNESS all the way. I made it the Sportsshooter monthly newsletter. Link above will take you to the article. The original email from Bert earlier last month was a wonderful surprise. Simply asking me to write down my experience this past MLB playoffs here in Southern California. Not to sure how many people care to read about my story this past October however it was fun for sure to use spell check excessively again .

The draft went through several rewrites and there were several points where the screen just became a giant blur. i literally made a point to come back to the piece after a day or two off the keyboard. The Yankees won and I sent it off to Bert after a little more editing. I knew I would never be fully satisfied with the draft. The more I sat with the article, the more change soon made it a point to let it be. Once I hit send, it was a relief and I let it be.

Mondays, are usually a mixture of routine and getting tings inline for the coming week. However to see my name outside of the realm of a funpix caption, on Sportsshooter, is simply amazing. It is a reality I can for become accustomed to for sure and hope others enjoy the story. Thanks again to Reuters for the opportunity to work the recent MLB Playoffs, and to Bert for asking me to contribute to Sportsshooter, the forum I enjoy immensely. I really hope the piece is cohesive article to others. Paragraphs, sentence, and let alone small groups of words, can be a challenge for this photographer.

Lets Go Blue !

Cheers !

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