Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SSA VI about to start, Sweetness !

Sportsshoooter Academy VI is just about to start tomorrow, Wednesday the 8th of April 2009. I felt this was an appropriate opportunity to finally get back to this way over looked blog of mine.

For more information on this great event here is the link with just about you could want to know about SSA events:


I would like to thank Nikon and more importantly to Bill Pekala and Ron Taniwaki for picking up my tab. I am one grateful student for such an awesome gesture. My SSA VI experience would not be possible with this opportunity. I thank them for a great birthday gift.

It has been way to long since I have posted. Heck my first and only blog was up sitting for just way to long. After my experience on Friday the 24th of October 2008, this blog was the last thing on my routine. A lot has occurred since then, in nearly six months. It amazes me what has occurred. Since then I went on a cross country road trip clocking in 7614.5 miles. This adventure was taken with a buddy and fellow film admirer Keith Lubow. Simply had the time during winter break and went. This has been the beast I have been taming developing over 70 rolls of medium format thanks to a loaner rollei from my buddy Jim Comeau. I will post much more about that trip however on this day before my 25th birthday I wanted to make a vow to make this endeavor much more active and progressive.

And to end this piece, I would like to thank the power of the still image for helping me deal with the item that took more out of me than I ever though would. More importantly would like to thank my buddy Jimbo for making this frame that I have come to cherish more than any thing. It was taken on my last big outing with my beloved German Shepherd, Bullet. It is a simple image enjoying a Saturday off at Leo Carrillo however to me it is everything. 12 years of greatness summed up in one image is great gift and power.

Cheers !

Photo above is by Jim Comeau, great bud and when inspired a great shooter as well.