Thursday, April 22, 2010

Assisting Manuello Paganelli

Simply wanted to share a few frames from Pag's shoot for Ebony. Frames were provided by Manuello Paganelli and show case a variety of the setups created and utilized for day's shoot. Several back grounds were utilize, many chairs, dresses and more shoes that I have ever own in my life were on set. Talent was Niecy Nash and the shoot took take place last week on April 15th, 2010 in Los Angeles. My role was assistant number 3. Ingesting cards, and keeping the cards in order was my primary role. However ipod duty and of course setting up and breaking down the set were on my list of shoot duties. It was blast to use so many dynalite heads and power packs. Shoot was just a blast from the start to the end.

I have been on many shoots however this one was unique thanks to Pag. It was an working assignment however I really enjoyed the one on one time instruction from Pag. I look forward to future assignments. To assist is a great learning experience on the job, and I recommend all to take on as many possible assisting opportunities as possible. There is nothing like pulling in traits from other photographers, then putting it to use in one's own shoot. Also take notice of the bearded assistant (me) handling the boom on the left. Its the last assignment for the beard.

All photographs from this post are from Manuello Paganelli and were granted permission to be displayed for this posting. For Pag's work, check out his site:

Cheers !