Monday, November 9, 2009

My Biggest Tear Sheet So Far

One of my favorite papers, The Washington Post, let me grace their fire coverage from the Jesusita Fire. My coverage from the two day outing at the Santa Barbara blazed also made it to the following publications:

The Boston Globe
Scientific America
Yahoo News
Rising Tide NA
Body By Bliss Media
Glendale News Press
Macon Daily

This is for sure my biggest node of a tear sheet to date. I look forward to more of course and there are still a few publications I would like to make my mark on down the line. SI, LA Times and NY TIMES and National Geographic are still on my list. Would also like to thank Reuters for making this happen.

Best part, was the timing that I noticed my photo making it to publication on Mother's Day. To share the moment with my mom was pretty sweet and memorable.

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Golpe de Vista said...

Just got to your blog by chance...but I think you must have enjoyed like crazy that published picture...all my respects man, from just became one of my personal heroes.