Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo Running at 2010 NBA Finals

This screen grab is why I enjoy running. Its the cover of the New York Times website. Photo is by Lucy Nicholson, staff photographer for Reuters. The immediate publication of the image after capture is everything for a wire. Speed is everything, and the biggest concern for any wire agency. You can have a better image but if you can not transit, its worthless. Seconds make the difference. I may not get a byline as a photo runner however this cover image on the Times site was my reward.

I simply want to thank Reuters for allowing me to return, as a runner this 2010 NBA Finals. The tile of the role says everything however, here is further clarification of my responsibility at the games.

Point A : the photographer.
Point B : the awaiting laptop.
Objective: safely take the CF card back and forth, on demand.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Also must thank two security guards at Staples Center; Henry and Robert for allowing me to zip by all 4 home games. Without their help, I would have been stuck getting checked every time a card needed running. I highly advised taking the time before tip off to become known and familiar with the layout and security personnel. A simple introduction:

My name is ********
I am runner for *********
I will be running like a mad chicken, at the end of game 7.
Please don't stop me.

Attached are some images from behind the scenes before game times.

Cheers !

My tradition photo of documentation photo with my trusty sandals. The usual rainbows actually came apart before game 2. In its place, the trusty back up, Birkenstock. FYI running shoes are a must, this is way before tip off.

Here is the Reuters editing area. From the floor at Staples, through the tunnel. Take a right, and another right and you will find the local media area. Laptops and photo editors waiting and stationed for transmitting. This was my view for most of the time.

Shawn Cullen, assistant # 1 for SI takes one of many hikes up the ladder for a remote setup. Watching the logistics of SI is simply amazing.

Here is the view from the Arch early before the game. This is when I make it a point to become familiar with the layout and the security guards. A media pass and runner badge is a useless piece of paper, when a security guard decides to stop you.

Here is me on the floor before game 7. One day I will learn to smile on command and iron my shirt. FYI, shorts are big plus when running. A beard, even if little helps clear the path to run.
Photo thanks to Lucy.